Stop holding on to the past while taking a chance at a different future Stop trying to have both when clearly having both is not an option Stop looking for what’s gone from someone completely new Stop trying to squeeze me under her shadow coz my light is too much for her shadow to take Stop trying to find her in me or else you’ll lose the real me while you try to hold on to the memories of her Just stop. Continue reading Stop

Uyyy! Ayyy!

Saan nga ba nagsisimula ang lahat? Sa love at first sight? Sa Hello at Hi? Sa pangiti-ngiting sandali??? Minsa’y nagtataka kung bakit… Bakit hanap-hanap ka sa bawat saglit. Anong mahika ang ginamit mo, Bakit tila ayokong mawala sa piling mo. Nakakatawa paminsan-minsan Hanap ako ng hanap, Ayon pala’y nasa tabi ko lamang, Ang tanging taong mamahalin kong ganap. Bakit pa nga ba nagustuhan ka, Bakit nga ba ikaw pa? Pero, habang tinatanong ko ito sa sarili ko, Lalo kong naisip na talagang napapagawa mo akong isipin ka. Pero ayaw kong sabihin ito, Baka ako’y masaktan lamang sa sasabihin mo. Tama … Continue reading Uyyy! Ayyy!


It’s 3AM and I am still awake.  I still have a lot of things to make. Conceptualizing a tarp. Dreaming of playing a harp. I did not finish my Philo paper… I did not even started writing it yet… What to do? How to do them? A lot of things to prepare, For my classes later. I don’t know if I still want to sleep, Or just stay up until it’s time to bathe. What a stressful day, What a long day… I almost forgot, That today is the day, My little bro celebrates his birthday… I want him to … Continue reading 3AM

How I Hate You

You were never worth my time You were never worth a smile How could you gnaw my faithful heart? And left me with a really big scar. I guess another mistake was made The whole world went to a chaotic state My mind knows that you will never be back But why is it that my heart is still waiting for you to come back? What a confusing riddle?! Even if the answers are so visible, Why is it I’m still undecided? What a stupid self, not letting go of the dead. After months of continuous struggle, I now see … Continue reading How I Hate You