The Imperfectly Perfect Me


Just like any other blogger, I am here to say something.
I am here to share to you my thoughts.
I am here to share something about me.
I am here to share my world.

I am Alice in Wonderland.
I can be more of a Merida than an Aurora.
I can sometimes be the Beast.
I can also be the Prince who would cross oceans and mountains for the one.
I can also be the Seven Dwarfs.

I am a mixture of madness and greatness.
I am a whole doze of craziness.

I am a Miss.
A Filipino
A Biology graduate.
Currently pursuing Masters Degree in Nanomaterial here in South Korea.
I love writing.
I love music.
I love photography.
I love sports.
I love the warmth of the sun, the smell of the sea, and the sound of the waves.

This blog will be dedicated to everything life has to offer.
From happiness to sadness.
From laughter to tears.
From ups to lows.
From love to pain.
From hopes to disappointments.