A woman with many faces

I am the sun and the moon

I am the day and the night

I am the darkness and the light

I am a  polygon of many faces

I am not just one

But I am all of them.


I am hot and cold

I am good and bad

I am your sweetest dream

I am your worst nightmare

I am also the calm seas and the thunderstorm

I am both the angel and the devil

In one flesh embodied.


I can be your smiles

I can give you tears

I can give you hope and I can also take it away

I can give you love

But pain has to go along with it

I can be your clown

The source of happiness

But also of fear.


I am fire

I am ice

The noise of the day

The silence of the dawn

I create

I destroy

I am who I am

A woman of many faces.


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