IHK 2017: The BEST Flower Show in Korea

Spring is here,  which means, a scenery filled with beautiful, colorful, sweet scent of flowers. And, one of the best places you can go in Korea this spring is in Goyang City, and here’s why.


(IHK 2017)
April 28-May 14, 2017
Open EVERYDAY from 9AM-9PM
Lake Park, Ilsan, Goyang-si, South Korea
(Directions to the venue and admission fees are written at the bottom part of this post.)

What to expect:

150 km² exhibition size

20 National Pavilions
110 Companies from 30 Different Countries
158 Local Companies


Beautiful flowers from all over the world in different sizes and in different arrangements!






You can also enjoy riding pedalos with your namja chingu or yeoja chingu on the lake. 
lake bike

Awesome Instagram-worthy picturesque view.

lake exhibition


The fun never stops even after nightfall where colorful lights paint the whole area and fireworks light up the sky.


firework show

Admission Fees

Individual Admission

Pre-purchased: KRW8,000
On-site: KRW10,000

Note: Pre-purchasing of tickets will be available before April 23.

Group of 10 or more FOREIGNERS/TOURIST

KRW9,000 per person

Night-time Admission


Note: Night-time admission is only available by 6PM onwards.

For inquiries and pre-purchasing of tickets, contact this number: +82-31-908-7644.

How to get to IHK 2017

SUBWAY (Option 1)

  1. Get off Line 3 (Orange Line) for Daehwa, Jeongbalsan Station, Exit 2.
  2. Walk for 5 minutes towards the direction of the Lake Park.

SUBWAY (Option 2)

  1. From Yeongdeungpo Train Station cross to Shinsegae Department Store.
  2. Take the either of Ilsan Buses with Nos. 830 or 9707.
  3. Get off at Ilsan District Office near Jeongbalsan Station.
  4. Walk for 10 minutes towards Lake Park.

SUBWAY (Option 3)

  1. From Seoul Train Station, get on Line 1 (Blue Line) going to Cheongnyangni.
  2. Get off Jongno 3 (sam)-ga Station and transfer to Line 3 (Orange Line) going to Daehwa.
  3. Get off at Jeongbalsan Station, Exit 2.
  4. Walk for 5 minutes towards the direction of the Lake Park.


  1. Take any one of the buses listed below.
  2. Get off at Ilsan-dong District Office Station.
  3. Walk for about 7 minutes towards Lake Park.
  • List of buses:
    • Bus No. 3300 from Incheon International Airport
    • Bus Nos. 33 or 150 from Gimpo International Airport
    • Bus Nos. 770 or 7727 from Sinchon
    • Bus Nos. 830 or 9707 from Yeongdeungpo
    • Bus No. 108 from Yeouido
    • Bus Nos. 9700 or 9711 from Gangnam Station


  1. Go to Hwajeong Bus Terminal, Goyang City
  2. Take Subway Line 3 for Daehwa
  3. Get off Jeongbalsan Station.
  4. Pass through Gate 2
  5. Walk for about 10 minutes towards Lake Park.


Follow the road from Byeonbuk-ro to Jayu-ro, then towards Janghang IC then reaching Goyang Flower Exhibition Center.

Writer’s note: For foreigners who are new to Korea, I suggest to take the Subway (Option 1) directions. It is much easier to follow, thus, lesser chance in getting lost.

For more information about the event, you may visit the official pages of IHK 2017:

English Sites:

Korean Sites:

Other social media sites:
Instagram: @flowerex
Twitter: @goyangflower

This event is organized by the Goyang City, Goyang International Flower Foundation.
All photos are owned by the IHK


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