Flea Market at Gachon University

Korean flea markets are one of the must-go places when you visit Korea. You’ll see various displays of cute, mouth-watering, stylish, and cheap items. You may find them in big and popular market areas like Dongdaemun and Myeongdong, but the best place to go for flea markets and my favorite are those near universities because of their student-friendly prices.

And today, in our university, students as well as small businesses displayed several items that are best for your home, for personal use and for this blooming spring.

These are just some of the items I found interesting and adorable:


These aren’t just artistic bottles.
They can be used as night light since there’s a LED light on the bottle cap
which you can turn on. 


Look at these adorable dream catchers and
bulb displays which you can hang inside your room.


They are more than just anime figures.
These Totoros and No Faces are actually air fresheners! 


Of course, Korean flea markets won’t be complete without these collectibles.
Yep, that’s a cute Eevee sleeping soundly inside a pokeball.
And Squirtle was there, too!


These chic collars are great for your pets.

And for hungry tummies, homemade food will always be nearby.


Of course, clothes and accessories in cheap prices are must-buys. 


How to get to Gachon University:

You may get off at Gachon University Station, Bundang Line, Exit 1.

ERRATUM. Flea market at Gachon University displays only for a day. But several flea markets will open this spring. So, watch out for more!


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